About A MAZE. / Berlin

A MAZE. / Berlin is an international festival, a platform for games and playful media.

And this year we celebrate our 10 years anniversary with you !

For the day experience A MAZE. / Berlin invites globally spread and diverse experimental game and VR creators, digital artists, musicians and other playful creatives from around different countries who inspire three days worth of programme of talks and workshops, as well as idea market places and a knowledge bazaar on the art of video games making.

A MAZE. / Berlin also welcomes the general public, art lovers and the cultural pirates, to our evening to late night experience that includes live music performances alongside a life-changing and mind-blowing interactive exhibition of our medium of the 21st century.

A MAZE. / Berlin invites artists and creatives from diverse fields to share their vision and projects, exchange knowledge, play, connect, and collaborate. A MAZE. / Berlin represents and celebrates the new art movement, made up of arthouse games, artistic virtual reality, and a playful media culture beyond the mainstream.

A MAZE. / Berlin 2021 - 10th International Games and Playful Media Festival is Hyper Hybrid.