Our interdisciplinary, international and 100% independent jury has the honors to review all nominees.

Adelle Lin


Adelle is a creator from Malaysia that has lived in Asia and Australia before settling in the USA. Having had to negotiate various cultures and systems, she draws on these experiences to develop projects that help connect people with themselves and the spaces they occupy. In 2020, she created a virtual Black Lives Matter protest in Animal Crossing, as well as other social VR community spaces for Burning Man and Chaos Computing Congress. A member of Code Liberation and NYC Resistor, she loves to use games, maker tech and unicorns to build communities.



Bleeptrack is a creative technologist, creating interactive generative artworks. Her installations have been presented at several international exhibitions, including Now Play This and A MAZE festival.

Dhruv Jani


He is the founder of the game research & arts studio called Oleomingus where he and his team pursue an art practice at the intersection of post-colonial writing, speculative architecture and interactive fiction. Oleomingus uses games to study colonial power structures, the histories that they occlude, and how hypertext might be used to pollute a single reductive record of the past or of a people.

Lena NW


Lena NW is a media artist whose work expresses millennial-internet-induced-media-oversaturation derangement. Her practice merges game development, illustration, animation, video, music, performance, and writing into interactive narrative experiences. She also raps under the name Fellatia G.