A MAZE. 2021 / Berlin - Day Two Guide

Welcome to Day Two of A MAZE. / Berlin 2021, our Hyper Hybrid 10 Years Anniversary Edition.

🤘 The Livestream program of Day Two will start with Coffee and Croissants With Marie Janin and Zoraida Buter. Find the Youtube Livestream of Day Two here.

🎮 The workshops are starting today! YEAH! You will need to register and get separate tickets, find them here. Today we have a workshop about the German federal games fund, one about building a virtual game exhibition space and one about game ideation and research.

✨ One highlight you should definitely not miss is the Playful Museums talk. In this talk, we will see the results of our Game Jam “A World in Motion”, which took place just before the A MAZE Festival. Game designers from all over the world worked with seven Leibniz Research Museums to develop a game that connected the institutions.

📺 The Open Screens Stream has already started and will run the whole day until 12 a.m. Find the program here.

General info:

🎟️ You can get the festival pass excl. the workshops for 20€ here. With the ticket you get better performance with downloadable A MAZE. / SPACE (for windows and mac), ability to vote on and play all the exhibited works and the ability to interact with the other flamingoes including special effects and voice-chat in designated areas. Without the ticket you’ll still be able to watch the stream and have a low performance A MAZE. / SPACE in the browser. 🦩🦩🦩

✨ The A MAZE. / SPACE is our virtual exhibitions where you get to play the nominees! Like always, it is available from this link.

📃 Find the full program here.

💜 As always we have a Code of Conduct which is in effect on all the online platforms we are using for this years festival (as well as in person if it comes to that).

The official social media tag is #AMaze2021 and you can tag us:

🐦 @AMazeFest (https://twitter.com/AMazeFest)
📷 @a_mazefest (https://www.instagram.com/a_mazefest)
📘 https://www.facebook.com/amaze.festival

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