Call for Applications: The Brain 7 - Dreams - Playful Media Residency Online

The Brain 7 Playful Media Residency Online
Dates: 15th of September - 15th of October 2021
9 Artists - 3 Dreams - 1 Dream Triptychon

History of The Brain. Explanation, Participants and Works. (2015-2020)
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The Brain - Playful Media Residency is an international fellowship programme for artistic practice about digital: VR, game and every digital story telling. The residency is a joint project by the A MAZE and Institut français (Germany, Sweden, Estonie & Senegal) and Goethe-Institut (Munich & Ghana) in cooperation with DOK Leipzig, Institut français (Novembre numérique), TV5 Monde (tbc) and INA (tbc)

The aim of the fellowship is to promote nine independent and open-minded women (cis & trans) and their artistic work and to support the realisation of new artworks. The programme encourages artists from various disciplines to deal with the narrative, technical and artistic potentials of the digital medium, and specifically promotes exploration of different techniques and possibly even the questioning of what can be constituted as language by the playful digital.

The programme is for artists working in the field of programmer, writer, cutter, after effects, visual artist, a craftwoman. Applications are open to artist women (cis & trans), from the following French & German speaking countries: France, Germany, Ghana and Senegal. Although experience in art is necessarily required, an interest in engaging with the digital and/or writer, and/or VR and/or cine medium is expected.

The theme of The Brain 7 Playful Media Residency Online will be “Dream”: the Dream about a society where individuals can live in peace, where humans can live and work in a socially, culturally and naturally durable environment.

For the curator Thorsten S. Wiedemann, director of A MAZE, the final piece will be a playful media triptychon, where the individual work serves its own artistic purpose but all three works together unfold the full magic for a bigger DREAM. We will divide the 9 artists into 3 groups - all three groups are interconnected in order to work together on the final triptychon.

During their residency, fellows are invited to explore the boundaries of their own art and their own habitus to transcend them in interdisciplinary constellations and to be inspired by intercultural dialogue. In addition, they have the opportunity to have a closer look at and to network with contemporary playful art in Germany, because of the A MAZE. / Berlin Festival and the curator from A MAZE and the BRAIN. The Institut français and the Goethe-Institut will also be a bridge to build a connection between the artist from the different countries.

The fellowship is curatorially supervised and technically supported by A MAZE, Goethe-Institut Munich and the Institut français Germany.

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Benefits of the Program
A month fellowship of 1000 euros (all technical equipment will have to be provided by the participants, as well as internet connection costs).
Curatorial supervision and technical support by A MAZE.
The DreamTriptychon is exhibited at Französische Filmwoche, DOK Leipzig (tbc), A MAZE. / Berlin 2022, AI Sweden Audiovisual Days (tbc).
Networking with professionals, festival directors, producers, directors from museum and exposure in the local community of each country involved.
Networking with relevant artists and institutions via the network of AMAZE, Goethe-Institut and Institut français.

Time Frame
The Brain 7 - Playful Media Residency will take place from 15/09 - 15/10/2021.

Selection of Participants
The selection will be made by representatives of A MAZE, Goethe-Institut and Institut français and will be announced during A MAZE. / Berlin 2021 - July 21-24, 2021.

Code of Conduct
We have a Code of Conduct and it is in effect on all the online platforms we are using for this year’s festival, so please read it here. In case of an urgent matter you can use the email address

Carole Lunt, Institut français Deutschland :

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